We are dedicated to empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity by giving them opportunities that maximize their financial independence. We accomplish this by creating and supporting unique programs designed for financial independence and strengthening their ties communities at large.

We recognize Suicide, depression, PTSD and a host of other health challenges are increasingly common for returning Vets. To protect our country they pay a huge price and there are many contributing factors from joblessness to limited access to optimal health care.

Our mission is to be part of the solution to this wide spread problem, giving veterans the opportunity to immediately access a well paying job that restores a sense of meaningful purpose, challenge, income and the potential to increase income.

Ideally Helping veterans with a financial freedom plan that starts with a career that leads to independence and eventually to financial freedom. A plan that would also provide the specific support needed to heal the wounds of war on the human psyche. Provide a special support to even nurture the brain to produce healing Brain chemicals; particularly dopamine the chemical needed for motivation and pleasure.

A tour of duty, particularly when our soldiers experience a higher than normal experience of danger, sacrifice and hardship to serve a higher purpose has a profound effect on the brain similar. Danger, etc stimulates drug like levels of dopamine and the brain then changes. As a result normal life experiences and challenges seem boring and empty.

The brain heals but it needs constant stimulation of human interaction, feeling needed while facing a lower level of danger yet simultaneously feel safe and in control.

Giving veterans in careers of service and getting paid is the perfect therapy to heal the brain so that very quickly normal mundane experiences are pleasurable, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Finally the opportunity to build a network of other Vets helping them to earn more as they earn also increases both dopamine and serotonin in the brain, Serotonin comes from the personal interactions and dopamine from the potential danger, newness of customer, challenge of their career and the potential to make more money through programs designed for financial freedom.